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Potty Training


Puppies on average go to the bathroom approximately 15 minutes after they eat, and when they wake up from a nap. Take them outside, or place them on a puppy pad to avoid unwanted accidents.  Consistency is the key to successful puppy potty training.  

First Nights.....

We strive hard to send our puppies home; healthy, happy, and ready to face the world.  However, like people all puppies are different (that is what makes each one so special).  Going to a new home can be a scary and even stressful time for your puppy, some puppies adjust faster than others.  Below are a few recommendations to help your puppy acclimate quickly & smoothly.


  • Creating a comfortable and consistent routine can help your puppy adjust to their new surroundings quicker. Make sure they have a cozy, safe, quiet space, and a predictable schedule. Avoid giving in to their cries immediately; instead, reassure them and gradually extend the time between comforting visits.  

  • When your puppy arrives home they are still developing, and most are unable to hold their bladder through the night.  If you hear a cry that is different from their "I don't want to be alone cry", take them outside for a quick potty break. Most puppies are housetrained by 5 months. A consistent routine is the "key" to success.

  • Remember that your puppy’s nighttime behavior won’t last forever. Be patient, provide positive reinforcement, and maintain a consistent routine. Over time, your puppy will learn to feel secure and sleep peacefully through the night.


Common Causes Of Upset Stomach & Diarrhea In Puppies 


Stress, Food Changes, Viral or Bacterial Infections, Toxins, Worms, Parasites, and Parasite & Deworming Treatments.

Adjust your puppy to a new food by adding the new food gradually to their current food 10 days.


We feed our puppies Nutrena Loyall Life Large Breed Puppy & Our Adults Nutrena Loyall Life Large Breed Adult.

If you decide to switch your puppy to a different large breed puppy food, do so gradually.  You can use this ratio chart as a guide:

Days 1 - 4    (25% New Food  75% Loyall Life)

Days 5 - 8    (50% New Food  50% Loyall Life)

Days 9 - 11  (75% New Food  25% Loyall Life)

Day 12         (100% New Food)


Always supervise your furry family member when allowing them to enjoy a toy, chew, or treat.

Some Of The Products We Use:

Some Items We Use Here At Smoky Montain Folktails

Grooming Clippers:
Wahl Professional KM-10


Flying Pig High
Velocity Dryer


Drimmel Nail Grinder


Mr. Ben's
Ear Cleaner


Burt's Bees
Tearless Buttermilk Puppy
Shampoo &

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