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Smoky Mountain Folktails

Is Happy To Introduce

Goldilocks & Her Adorable Newfiedoodles


F1 Standard Newfiedoodles

F1b Standard Newfiedoodles

Dams: AKC Newfoundlands
Sires: AKC Standard Poodles

Every Newfiedoodle Puppy Receives:

Early Daily Stimulation 

Regular Grooming: Baths, High  Velocity Blow Drying, Nail Trimmings, and Coat Brushing

Introduction To Household Noises (Sirens, Radio, Television, Vacuum Cleaners,  Lawn Mowers etc.)


Comprehensive Examination From Our Veterinarian 

Regular Dewormings


Age Appropriate Vaccinations

Puppy Pad Training @ 3 Weeks

Doggy Door Training @ 6 Weeks

​* One Year Genetic Health Warranty
* Microchipped

We Meet At Various Places Outside Of Tennessee.  Below Are A Few Mapped Locations That We Have Met In The Past, Along With The Delivery Fee.

                                            $ 65.00  Weaverville, NC 
                                      $ 65.00   Abingdon, VA 

                                      $ 75.00   Knoxville, TN

                                      $165.00  Crossville, TN

                                      $145.00  Corbin, KY              

                                      $220.00  Ringgold, GA         
                                      $230.00  Charlotte, NC        
                                      $250.00  Lexington, KY   
                                      $350.00  Huntsville, AL   
                                      $350.00  Louisville, KY    

Message if you would like a quote for a different location, and we will get you a quote as quickly as possible. 

Planned 2024 Litters

$2500 Solid    $3000 Merle

Spring 2024 Litter   ( 1 Spot Available)

1). Ross Family /  2). Sell Family  /  3). Atwood Family  /  4). Wolf Family

5). Fergus Family  /  6). Uzzetta Family


Summer 2024 Litter (6 Spots Available)

1) Ross Family, 


How To Reserve A Smoky Mountain Folktails Newfiedoodle



Pick Your Puppy

We will send you an invoice for the $500 non-refundable deposit (we reserve the right to refund the deposit if we deem necessary, or if the puppy is considered unsaleable). (We accept Cash,  Venmo (1.9% Fee), Zelle, and Personal Checks)

Once your deposit is received your puppy will be listed as reserved.

Balance due in full on pick up/delivery day.  (On pick up day we accept cash only).  If you are paying via electronic payment by credit/debit card it must be made at least 3 business days prior to pick up/delivery.  

If using a pet transport service a health certificate is required by law.  Our Veterinarian charges $55.00 for a certificate which is good for thirty days.  Please let us know ASAP, if you are planning to use this option, so arrangements can be made at their litter exam.

* Note: We are required to collect TN Sales Tax (9.75%) from all Tennessee residents, and on any puppies picked up  within the State of Tennessee.

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