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Li'l Red & Her Irish Wolfhounds

Smoky Mountain Folktails

Cu' Faoil: Irish Wolfhound in Ireland / pronounced koo fil (“cu” meaning “hound,” and ‘faoil’ meaning “wolf”).

Every Irish Wolfhound Puppy Receives:

Early Daily Stimulation 

Regular Grooming: Baths, High  Velocity Blow Drying, Nail Trimmings, and Coat Brushing


Introduction To Household Noises (Sirens, Radio, Television, Vacuum Cleaners,  Lawn Mowers etc.)


Comprehensive Examination From Our Veterinarian 

Liver Shunt Testing @ 9 Weeks


Regular Dewormings


Age Appropriate Vaccinations

Puppy Pad Training @ 3 Weeks

Doggy Door Training @ 6 Weeks

Kennel Training @ 8 Weeks

Irish Wolfhounds Cooking In The Kitchen

​* One Year Genetic Health Warranty
* Microchipped

* AKC Limited Registration 

Sire: Keegan   Dam: Keeley

Keeley Pedigree
Keegan Pedigree

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Cara    /   Reserved

Seamus  Cummings

Seamus Boyd

Duncan   /   RESERVED

Litter Photos

Ciara   / RESERVED

Puppy Price $3,000

Steps To Add A Smoky Mountain Folktails Puppy To Your Family

Pick Your Puppy

We will send you an invoice for the $500 non-refundable deposit (we reserve the right to refund the deposit if we deem necessary, or if the puppy is considered unsaleable). (We accept Cash,  Venmo (1.9% Fee), Zelle, and Personal Checks)

Once your deposit is received your puppy will be listed as reserved.

Balance due in full on pick up/delivery day.  (On pick up day we accept cash only).  If you are paying via electronic payment by credit/debit card it must be made at least 3 business days prior to pick up/delivery.  

If using a pet transport service a health certificate is required by law.  Our Veterinarian charges $55.00 for a certificate which is good for thirty days.  Please let us know ASAP, if you are planning to use this option, so arrangements can be made at their litter exam.

* Note: We are required to collect TN Sales Tax (9.75%) from             all Tennessee residents, and on any puppies picked up                     within the State of Tennessee.

Big Bad Wolf With Puppies

Need Delivery

Below are a few transport companies that families have used in the past.

Bailey's Best Pet Transport
Hound Haulers


Little Red Riding Hood

We Meet At Various Places Outside Of Tennessee.  Below Are A Few Mapped Locations That We Have Met In The Past, Along With The Delivery Fee.

                 $ 65.00  Weaverville, NC 
                 $ 65.00   Abingdon, VA 

                 $ 75.00   Knoxville, TN

                 $165.00  Crossville, TN

                 $145.00  Corbin, KY              

                 $220.00  Ringgold, GA         
                 $230.00  Charlotte, NC        
                 $250.00  Lexington, KY   
                 $350.00  Huntsville, AL   
                 $350.00  Louisville, KY    

Message if you would like a quote for a different location, and we will get you a quote as quickly as possible. 

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